Austin, Texas residents know that relative humidity levels vary greatly according to the weather, time of day and time of year. Home humidifiers are a great help in keeping indoor air comfortable when levels are dropping too low. However, according to studies conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency, a humidifier that is not properly used, cleaned and maintained can greatly reduce indoor air quality. Poor air quality may jeopardize your health.

Signs That Indicate Your Humidifier Is Overused or Needs Attention

If you notice any of these signs, take action:

Mold Growth

Humidifiers with water tanks provide an ideal location for mold spores to grow. Preventing such growth takes vigilance. Regular cleaning of the humidifier’s components is required, and filters need to be inspected often.

Scum or Crust

If your humidifier has a water tank, look carefully at the water. If you see scum or crust, empty the water and clean all exposed surfaces. Scum often indicates the presence of bacteria. Crust indicates mineral deposits. Both bacteria and fungi feed on minerals.

An Increase in Allergic Reactions or Asthma Attacks

Dust mites thrive when humidity levels measure 70 percent or more. These microscopic pests feed on skin flakes shed by humans and their pets. People who are allergic to dust mites often experience increased nasal congestion and coughing. Air containing dust mite droppings also may precipitate an asthma attack.

Expert Help for HVAC Maintenance and Healthy Indoor Air Quality

If you live in or near the hill country of Central Texas, ensuring that the air in your home is good for your health is easy. For more information, call us today. The friendly, professional technicians at Weatherman Mechanical have the knowledge needed to spot problems and provide solutions. We take pride in helping our neighbors fully enjoy the indoor climate of their homes.

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