If you’re looking at getting a new HVAC system for your Llano, Texas, home, it’s important to get it correctly sized. The size of your HVAC unit can make a big difference in your home comfort. Here are three reasons why you need to have your new HVAC unit sized properly.

Improved Efficiency

An HVAC unit that’s sized correctly will be more efficient than a poorly sized unit. There is a common misconception that a larger unit will heat or cool your home faster and that a smaller unit will be more energy efficient.

Due to a variety of factors, an improperly sized HVAC will have inefficient run cycles. Units that are too small will run for an extended amount of time as they struggle to heat or cool your whole home. Larger units will run in short bursts and rack up your utility bills. Even if the unit has a good SEER rating, you’ll end up with poor efficiency and high bills.

Better Temperature Control

Because the cycles aren’t running as they’re intended, your home will suffer from poor temperature control. The long cycles of a smaller unit can dry out your home’s air and create uneven temperatures throughout your home. Larger units will have similar issues with uneven temperatures, such as dramatic hot and cold spots that lead to home discomfort.

Longer Unit Life

Because of the strain improper cycling puts on your HVAC system, it may end up with a significantly shorter life span. Mechanical wear and tear is increased, which leads to more repairs and frequent breakdowns. Considering how expensive these systems are, it’s important that they work properly for a long time.

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