If you’re thinking about ways to increase the value of your home in Round Rock, Texas, you may be considering some interior design upgrades. However, some of the renovations that will offer the highest returns on your investments are HVAC upgrades that boost efficiency. When you update your home’s HVAC system with efficient upgrades, you can enjoy lower bills and improved comfort throughout the changing seasons.

Seal and Insulate

Older homes tend to be lacking when it comes to sealing and insulation. As a result, outdoor air comes into the space and creates a less comfortable atmosphere. It’s tough to maintain the temperature you want when the outside air is wreaking havoc on your thermostat’s set schedule. Seal your windows and doors by adding weatherstripping to prevent air loss.

You should also look in your attic and/or basement to check for any gaps or holes in the floors, ceiling, or walls and fill these if you find them. Poor indoor ventilation is a common problem in these areas. Don’t forget to seal up the spaces around recessed light fixtures, wiring, and chimneys. You can also add more insulation in the exterior walls to provide an extra barrier against temperature swings. An experienced technician can help to determine whether more insulation is needed.

Replace the Outdated HVAC System

In the average American household, the heating and cooling system accounts for up to 48 percent of the total energy used. If your system isn’t operating efficiently, the number could be higher than necessary, costing you more in monthly utility bills. Most HVAC manufacturers recommend replacing the system after about 10-15 years.

If yours is reaching the end of its lifespan, consider upgrading to a newer and more efficient unit. Although you will have to pay for the new system, the lower bills and improved efficiency can help offset the cost. Additionally, some qualified units are eligible for tax credits and rebates to further reduce the financial burden.

Take advantage of the increased property value with efficient upgrades by talking to our team of HVAC technicians at Weathermen Mechanical. Call us today at (325) 216-2903.

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