Llano, TX homes have become tightly sealed envelopes that score high in energy efficiency. Unless your home is adequately ventilated, you’re not getting all the benefits of an energy-efficient home. Here are some perks of having proper home ventilation:

Reduces Illness-Causing Contaminants

Before the move toward energy efficiency, Austin homes were naturally ventilated. Stuffy, polluted and stale indoor air naturally flowed out through small cracks and holes while fresh outdoor air flowed in. Natural ventilation kept indoor air from being overrun by disease-causing microbes like bacteria, viruses, spores and mildew. In today’s airtight homes, these toxins have nowhere to go. Instead of flowing out naturally, they remain indoors to contaminate the air you breathe every day.

Reduces Airborne Allergens

Airtight homes lock in allergens like pollen, dust, pet dander and mites. These particles can worsen existing allergies and make life intolerable for anyone with a respiratory disorder.

Reduces Condensation and Moisture

Without adequate ventilation, indoor moisture levels can escalate. Over time, dampness can encourage the growth of mildew and cause structural damage to wood. Damp conditions can create an environment that’s ideal for dust mites. These tiny insects can cause breathing difficulties, itching, skin rashes and eczema. Ventilation keeps moisture from damaging your home and creating health problems for your family.

Dryer Ventilation Is Important

80 percent of clothes dryer fires are caused by clogged and dirty dryer vents. Get your dryer vents cleaned immediately if you notice a burning smell or if clothes are taking an exceptionally long time to dry. Clogged dryer vents can cause carbon monoxide poisoning if gases accumulate inside the vent and leak into your living space. Have your dryer serviced by a professional at least once every year.

At Weathermen Mechanical, we install energy-efficient home ventilation systems. We perform home dryer ventilation services as well. Visit us online or call us at (325) 216-2903 to learn more.

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