Save Time & Money with Weathermen Mechanical’s Semi-Annual Maintenance Plan

Weathermen Mechanical is known for its rapid response to repair calls, but we also offer maintenance services to extend the life of functioning units. We work with customers on a regular basis to clean HVAC units and check for problems early on before they become major repair issues.

If you’re interested in extending the life of your HVAC system, consider signing up for Weathermen’s maintenance plan. The small investment you make today could pay off in the long run.

Comprehensive HVAC Maintenance for an Efficient Unit

In order for customers to better understand the value of Weathermen’s maintenance plan, we try to be transparent about what our company offers. These maintenance sessions typically last an hour. It’s better to fix a problem now than to discover your heating or air conditioning doesn’t work during the first major heat wave or cold front of the year.

A few of the items we check off our list during the HVAC maintenance appointments include:

  • Cleaning hoses, pans and funnels to prevent clogs
  • Testing the thermostat, motors and other HVAC machinery
  • Looking for drafts and holes in your home where air is escaping
  • Checking airflow within your ducts to look for leaks

By taking a whole-home approach to HVAC maintenance, we can make sure your entire living area is comfortable and your air conditioning system is able to push air into every room. We want your system working efficiently so you can save money while increasing its longevity.

Work With Professional HVAC Techs

As our technicians complete their routine maintenance checklist, they walk customers through their tasks and explain why they’re doing them. This helps our customers understand the value of HVAC maintenance and learn more about their systems. This way if something does happen to their air conditioning and heating unit, they’re better prepared to call us and explain what they think is wrong.

We grow our business through referrals from happy customers. By teaching our customers about their HVAC units, we add value to our maintenance plan and create personal connections. You never have to feel bad about calling us for help with your HVAC system because our service technicians and staff will always treat you with respect.

Sign Up for Weathermen’s Maintenance Services Today

If you want your HVAC system to run better and longer, consider signing up for Weathermen’s HVAC maintenance plan. We will set up regular appointments to review your system and look for ways to make it more efficient. Call today to schedule an AC maintenance and heating maintenance appointment with Weathermen.

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